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Detailed Board Rules/Guidelines/ETC (READ FIRST)

-- You will have to register to see the whole board and to be able to read the posts and make your own posts. If you have email with a spam filter you may want to add 'email@4theloveofsighthounds.com' to your accepted list. This way you are sure to get important emails from the board --

In addition to the general terms of service you saw or will see when you register, here are the other more detailed board info, rules and guidelines you should be aware of ...

Board Theme:

This is a community message board geared towards adults only (18 and over); we will be moderating the board, but keep in mind that minor "language" and some slightly risqué or "grown up" topics may be seen around the board. If you are under 18 this is not the place for you.

Having an adult only focus, we will allow some material up to that which might be considered "R-Rated" in some cases. However, we do expect everyone to conduct themselves as adults. Outright mean or rude posts are unacceptable as well as extreme vulgarity and pornographic discussion. We will not tolerate "X-Rated" content of any kind, including but not limited to nudity of any kind, "artistic" or otherwise; this is not the place to share such things.

If you are easily offended, this may not be the place for you.


Membership is free; once you are registered and become an active member you will have full use of the boards functions and membership perks, contests and such. There are some new member restrictions, but an active user will get past those in no time.

We do ask for support from our members to help keep the board alive and keep it free though.

Members are only allowed one account; members suspected to have registered more than one account will have both accounts closed and possibly deleted without notice. Same thing goes for getting friends to join just to get votes and/or to win a contest or something. Abuse of and/or spam on our boards and/or its contests will not be tolerated.

General Rules/Guidelines:

Many of our "rules" are related to common courtesy and general online etiquette and are meant to keep the board a fun, friendly and upbeat place to be. We don't want to over moderate the board (there are enough places like that out there), but we will do what we have to do to keep the focus pleasant and to keep out spam and abuse and such.

This post may seem long and like look a lot of rules, but we just want to be clear; plus I can be a bit long-winded at times

Introduce Yourself & Be Active:

We ask for everyone to introduce themselves (especially merchants that wish to promote themselves here); as a courtesy. This new member introduction will hopefully help identify and reduce spammers, trolls and lurkers; plus we are supposed to be here to share and make friends. Thus we should want to introduce ourselves; or at least tell us about your dogs and/or what brings you here.

Lurking is when people join and never post, or those that log on from time to time and just "lurk about" more than they actually post; this is considered rude. Members that join and never post will have their accounts subject to deletion without notice.

In general, new accounts over 5 days old with no posts are 'tagged' and may be deleted at will and without notice. If your account is deleted and you meant to participate, feel free to join again and try to be active.

All we ask is that you post once every 90 days to keep your account active, but the first post should be soon after you join. We are trying to build and maintain a community here, and a community is only as strong as its members. We just want members that want to be here and be here for the right reasons. If you do not actively participate in the forums (post something every 90 days) then your account will eventually be purged without notice. Unless you are banned for breaking the rules or something, you are always welcome back when you can be more active.

Restricted Topics:

We ask that you refrain from touchy topics or those that might spark heated debate; such as religion, politics and the like, whether it is related to animals or not. Please respect that this is not a political, religious or activist type community.

Please refrain from posting about fundraiser topics; for charity, animal rescue or whatever, anywhere but the appropriate "Sighthound Causes" forum; and you should also read the rules there before posting. Otherwise, please keep it off the board; unauthorized posts will be removed without notice and in some cases could potentially mean your removal from the community.

We will not allow discussion of any unsubstantiated claims, hearsay, gossip or bashing of anyone on our board here, whether the person in question is a member here or not. This goes for breeders, rescues, vendors or anyone else. Stories that make the news may be shared in appropriate forums as long as news story is linked. Contact me or a moderator if you are unclear if a topic you wish to share is appropriate to discuss here.

Please refrain from talk about other doggie related forums/message boards of any sort unless pre-approved by a moderator. Offending posts will be edited or deleted without notice.

Posting differing opinions is fine, but we should do so with respect and consideration for others; there is a difference between disagree and disrespect. Any offending posts will be deleted without notice and in some cases could potentially mean removal from the community.

If you ever have any question as to whether or not something is appropriate to post, you can feel free to contact me or a moderator and ask first.

Comercial Links/Promos & Merchant Members:

Mention of businesses and comercial links should be kept to the "Advertisements/Announcements/Opportunities" forums. You are welcome to post about businesses you like (periodically) in this section. But we do not want this kind of thing in the regular forums. Brand names and such that may come up in general conversation are fine, but website links for the most part should only be posted in the appropriate section. Offending posts may be edited, moved or deleted without notice.

Doggie related merchants that have sighthounds themselves are more than welcome here; all we ask is that you participate! *Must actually have a sighthound to promote your business; otherwise you can only join as a regular member, but will not be able to promote your business. Some exceptions may be made for established, active members ... ie; stick around and show us that you are here for more than just to promo your business* The same goes for those promoting blogs, books, etc.

Merchant members should have a general screen name too, so do not use your business name, website or email address as a screen name. If you do, it will be edited/changed; you should be here as part of the community, promoting your business should be secondary.

As mentioned before, we ask all members to post an introduction and vendors are no expection. Merchants need to remain active (post something other than advertisements at least once every 90 days) in order to be a part of the board and have commercial links in their profile and/or on the main site; otherwise links will be removed and/or accounts will be closed.

There is nothing wrong with posting about your business ONCE in a while and in appropriate forums, and as long as you are an active and contributing member elsewhere in the community; otherwise you will be seen as a spammer.

How To Handle Problems:

If you have any sort of problem with something or someone on the board, harassment or spam via the PM system or elsewhere. Please feel free to bring it to our attention (via PM or email) and we will do what we can to try and help.

If a particular topic or post from another member bothers you, feel free to report it (click this icon next to the post ) and we will look into it. The Moderator/Administrator decision on what to do with the issue in question will be final.

However, we need you to keep such things out of the open forums; we want to keep things friendly and upbeat here. There is no sense to stir up drama and negativity within the community. Offending posts will be deleted and could potentially mean removal from the community.

Picture Posting:

We love pictures and hope you will share some with us; however pictures posted are limited to 500x700 pixels (or vice versa). This is more than big enough for detail and shouldn't expand the thread view. Posted pictures that are too large may be deleted.

Pictures of non sighthounds should be posted in the Off Topic section. Some exceptions may be made for threads/posts talking about all of your furbabies and/or telling a story that includes your sighthound in some pictures too.

In order to embed pictures, they have to be hosted online somewhere (like photobucket or a similar site or your own website) or posted in your user album here, then you can embed them in your posts with the forum BB code [IMG] thing.

Breeders & Rescue Rep Membership:

Sighthound breeders and rescue organization reps are more than welcome to be a part of the community here, but they cannot advertise here at all. A website link may be placed in your profile and signature (upon pre-approval), but that is it. Breeders are welcome to share stories and pictures of dogs and puppies, but no mentions of dogs for sale will be allowed what so ever. Rescue people can post stories in the appropriate forum as long as they are active in other areas as well. And please do not try to send unsolicited messages to our members.

We will not endorse, recommend or allow discussions, promos or slander about any breeder or rescue organization on our boards. We recommend that everyone do their own research and interviews and find a reputable breeder or rescue organization they are comfortable with in their area. If you wish to mention where your dog came from that is fine, but leave it at that ... violators of these rules may be subject to removal from the community.

There is a private forum for breeder members to join to network and "talk shop"; there is also a private forum for merchant members to do the same. If you would like to be a part of either of these forums just let us know.

User Social Groups:

We also have social groups where users can create their own group for more specific theme discussions with like members here. These groups are only open to established, active members and will be less moderated. But these will still be held to the same general rules as the rest of the community. Feel free to contact us if you are not sure about a topic you would like to start a group about.

Final Thoughts:

The Administrators and/or Moderators here maintain the right to review, edit, move, merge, split, lock/close and/or delete any posts/threads, pictures or groups as deemed necessary in order to maintain the focus and keep up the rules of the community.

If you do not approve of the rules here and/or do not think you can abide by them, you can decide not to join or not to come back.

Thank you for all who take the time to read and follow our guidelines. Looking forward to seeing you around

*Rules subject to additions and/or modifications should the need arise*
Brandi, Mom to two Italian Greyhounds ...

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