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This website is devoted to sighthounds of all breeds, and the people that love them.  We hope that you will enjoy our site.  Don't forget to join our sighthound lovers community and message boards forums (adults only please) too!

We do it all 4 The Love Of Sighthounds.

We do it all 4 The Love Of Sighthounds

Gazehounds, another name sighthounds are known as, are a group of dog breeds that hunt by sight rather than by scent like many other more common dog breeds.

Sighthounds have a wider range of vision than most dogs.  These hounds are known for their keen eyesight, ability to quickly detect movement and of course their speed and agility.

The sighthound family includes several different dog breeds (short sample list below); some have long haired coats and some have short haired ones.

List of popular sighthound breeds:
(in random order; not a complete list)

Italian Greyhound
Ibizan Hound
Afghan Hound
Pharaoh Hound
Irish Wolfhound
Scottish Deerhound
Silken Windhound
Galgo (Spanish Greyhound)

Sighthounds are generally faster than other dogs and are almost always tall, long, lean, athletic looking hounds.  The typical sighthound will look similar to the more recognizable Greyhound.  Most will have a long snout and almond shaped eyes.  The body is often narrow with a slightly tucked abdomen.  Though some breeds will have different characteristics and still be a sighthound and there are still others that may be considered both sight and scent hounds.

Most all sighthounds have a proud prance like trot.  They are expert sprinters, and some are good jogging partners; however, many do not do well as a long distance endurance runner.

Lure coursing is a popular sporting event among sighthound owners; it allows the dogs to let loose their "need for speed" and satisfy their prey/chase drive too.

It is quite an awe inspiring sight to see any sighthound running at full sprint.  They run with a double suspension gallop, similar to a horse, and sometimes they just seem to fly!

We do it all 4 The Love Of Sighthounds

The 4 The Love Of
Sighthounds' Mascots

Enzo - Italian Greyhound
Enzo - Italian Greyhound

Roxy - Italian Greyhound
Roxy - Italian Greyhound

Dee Dee - Whippet
Dee Dee - Whippet

Sasha - Italian Greyhound
Sasha - Italian Greyhound

Kona - Italian Greyhound
Kona - Italian Greyhound

Dillon - Whippet
- Whippet

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